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Google Penguin Update Introduction

The Google Penguin update was introduced in April 2012 in order to combat and penalise sites which were guilty of spam and thus producing poorer quality websites. With the Penguin update, there was a particularly large crack down on websites which were seen to be purchasing links with the sole purpose of boosting their position in the Google rankings. With the release of each new Penguin update, sites which are found to be doing this are penalised accordingly, however sites which are seen to be taking steps to reduce content of this nature of able to move back up the rankings, thus rendering the penalties temporary if the website is shown to be improving in this area.

What Does The Google Penguin Update Do?

Along with the basic principles of the Google Penguin update, there is a factor known as “false positives” are also taken into account by the algorithm in order to establish which sites are producing higher quality content than others. “False positives” are what Google deem to be fake steps to improve the content on various websites, with the sole intention still being very much revolved around ranking highly on Google and compromising the usefulness of the information provided to its visitors.

Benefits Of The Google Penguin Update

  • Reduces spam
  • Places more emphasis on relevant information than simply using empty keywords for the sake of Search Engine Optimisation
  • Improves the experience of using Google
  • High quality content is now much more accessible
  • Penalises thin websites


How Does It Work?

The Penguin update functions through a number of different ways. Google has a tool called the “Disavow links tool” which is used by websites to identify links which they don’t wish to be associated with and links which they don’t wish to be punished accordingly as a result of this. Websites can flag up links which they may have previously acquired which they now see to be a violation of Google’s policies, and they can reduce the impact of this by using the Disavow links tool to their advantage.

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