By | February 6, 2018
google hummingbird

Intro on Google Hummingbird

The Google Hummingbird update came into effect in September 2013, and it is a search algorithm designed to provide solutions to people’s Google searches after making sense of all of the information available, keeping it specific to the request. A search algorithm is something which Google uses to sift through the billions of potential options at the users disposal to make it specific to their requirements, and it is highly sophisticated technology.

What Does The Update Do?

The update acquired its name because Google believe it to be “precise and fast”. Its introduction also signals that PageRank is now just one of over 200 major “ingredients” which Google utilise in order to operate the search engine. Hummingbird is different to a lot of other previous Google updates (such as the Penguin and the Panda updates) in that it is a total overhaul of the Google algorithm, rather than simply tweaking parts of the system. Prior to this change, quality of content was still a key element of search marketing, but it took on added significance with the introduction of Hummingbird.

Benefits Of The Google Hummingbird Update

  • Provides major improvements to previous updates
  • Gives users more precise results
  • Makes sense of the high volume of potential search results and provides better output
  • Greater significance placed on high quality content
  • Highly sophisticated technology

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